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Thursday, January 7, 2016 @2:25 PM

insecurity creeps in

Monday, December 10, 2012 @11:11 PM

Nothing much for me to say.

Monday, August 13, 2012 @10:58 AM


It took me 20 minutes to think on how I should start my first sentence. <- There you go, my first sentence. That is so notfascinating-uncool-boring-notfun. I have no idea what to write about and I ALWAYS came up with a random post with multiples of storyline in it. I think or probably confirm that I, myself, me have a weird brain. This is the situation: When I’m about to sleep, my brain generates lots of alphabets, words, sentences and even paragraph?! And when I’m wide awake… my brain just went cuckcoonoeletricityfeelblank BLACK!

It wasn’t a good night for me because of bf. I don’t want to write a whole crappy bored saddening post about relationship. But I need a place to express whatever is on my CHEST RIGHT NOW! I don’t know who I should talk to and there are plenty of people crossing in my mind. All I have to do is to take my phone and start dialing their number. Anyways, I didn’t do it because I felt bad. It sounds like I’m using them. SO, please bear with me, my only getaway.

Others were amaze with my wonderful-strong-great LDR relationship with my bf. Yes, I do have a wonderful-great time with him but it is not strong enough to hold us together. Our mood, mostly mine.. and parents are the main problem. He is a great guy. Not bragging about him. Definitely NO, NOPE, NOT, NEVER! Anyways, few damn hours ago, I was quarrelling with him. He was stressing like a mad monkey/orang utan. I felt bad for leaving him alone dealing with his own stress-frustrated moment.  Cry-tearsrolling-sneeze is NOT going to help in this. I would like to be PHYSICALLY next to him so I can just pamper him like a little kiddo and make sure his eyes on his notes. Sadly, I can’t because of my mom. Typical Asian moms – Do not get a bf until u finished studying. However, right now, this moment, NOW, we are fine and good. Bad times are finally over.

I’m so lucky to have him. 
All the best and good luck tomorrow. 'You can make it if you try'

Saturday, March 17, 2012 @9:22 AM

Hear no laughter, just sad echo
Never been great since that day.
Everything seems to be in a mess.
Procrastination is my enemy.
Finals in a month time & I'm not doing anything to help it.

Mood swing started off with a week ago. Prolly had it all the time -.- Easily annoyed by small matter.
This is true : When you started to hate something, no matter what they do, good or bad, YOU still hate it.
I'm trying my best to change this freaking feeling to neutral!
I used to say, I hate double faced person. Even now.. I still say it.
But I'd realised, I'm one of them too. No matter how much I dislikes them, I still smile and talk to them as if the feeling of dislikes never exists. All I did was smile and blend in.

Used, to be active and hyper. Like a MONKEY :)
Now... heh

Last time, I do not believe with this saying; time changes people.
But now I do.
We wont believe stuff that never happen to us before. Once bitten, twice shy.
I always take things way simple from what it should be. I'm a bad observant and suck in judgements. My first impression to people turns out to be the opposite of what I think.
& I'd learnt not to judge a book by its cover. The cover may be ugly but it may be the best book you've ever read.

Learnt :) Refrain from answering / telling people stuff when they already CONFIRM what they want or do.
Even though, you might know what they want, will never happen & what they do, may be just an extra step.

Sunday, March 4, 2012 @6:24 AM

Life is like a box full with chocolates. You won’t know what it is until U'VE TRIED IT.
I realized I always make a bad choice on choosing FRIENDS! Because I feels that people love to take advantage on me. -.-
When you start to change from whatever you had been doing (nice to them and suddenly you thought of being selfish for a moment) they will think that YOU ARE FUCKING BITCH.
 Just because of that once, that freaking moment. JUST ONCE!
They can be selfish but YOU CANT because they don’t see that they are selfish. It is like a normal thing to them. 
People tend to forget whatever nice freaking thing you helped/did to them.  
Complaint to others and not changing my “itchy” habits = POINTLESS 
Anyways, from now onwards things that doesn’t involve with me, I will care less. 
I won’t say I will not care at all. Don’t say I’m mean, it just that you’ve changed me :)

This place is where I GET TO BE TOTALLY 100% STRAIGHT FORWARD AND EXPRESS OUT WHATEVER I FELT! But somehow you managed to affect me on deleting certain sentences that are probably harsh to you. *facepalm to self -.-

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 @7:25 AM

Valentines 2012
Happy Valentines peeple :)
This morning, I saw a nicely wrapped muffin on my table! WOOOOOAhhh

Sadly, I lost the paper. Sort of like love letter, It flew like some where else :(

Secret admirer? Heh. I was surprised by that BUT when I look at the wrapper, I sort of know siapa bagi I. :D  Like snap, must be this girl. She left a big huge paper bag at the side of the seat and expect no one to SEE it. -.-
Pretty smart though, she even make herself one muffin and put on her table. So nobody will suspect her. :D
Thanks for her sweet little details and hard work for making muffins for all of us. I APPRECIATE BANYAK and I like it. :)
Can show off to my siblings, LOOK I HAVE SOMETHING TOO TODAY and is HOME MADE!
Beat that!! :P

Anyways, celebrated mine valentines this year with my pretty-cool-nice-great-lovely-fun UNIMATES!!

It was sort-of-erm-together-forever-alone-lunch? Heh.
& I had a great time with all of them at Chillis.

It is valentines & it is a TUESDAY
& I'm not sure whether it was just me or I prolly didnt realise that there are memang many couples walking around in the shopping complex, NOT just today only. heh
I have nothing much to talk about Valentines because I have like NO-WONDERFUL thing happen to me. Sad kan :( except the sweet muffin ;)
Till then.

To the Lovey dovey sweet  romantic couples out there, have a wonderful day with the loved ones'. Enjoy :)

Monday, February 6, 2012 @7:13 AM

Good Life
Last day of Chinese New Year, I hope everyone did enjoyed to the fullest!
Neighbours are spending the night by lighting up their last batch of FIREWORKS while siblings and I were putting up the LANTERN (kongming tern) :)

Chinese New Year coming to an end WHICH MEANS... time to face the consolidation TEST!!
I'm pretty hoping wishing praying the consolidation will have a little slight tiny minor bits changes. *fingercross :T
Ugh, I can't wait for another holiday.
I'm superbly overly bored, I have no idea what to do. Out with friends, I'm lazy. Turn on teevee, no movie, no show, NOTHING. Gamble with siblings, win and cabut :P

I shall on my study mode now... 5 minutes later - Switch Off :D